If you can dream it, you can test it

Unleash your creativity to maximize the metrics that matter most to your campaign or organization.

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If you can dream it, you can test it
If you can dream it, you can test it

To get started, make three choices

Success metric

What is the KPI you want to maximize?

Experimentation dimensions

What are the dimensions (e.g., offer, channel, timing, etc.) along which you’d like to test?


What are the options available for each dimension?

Then OfferFit automatically tests and learns

Once configured, OfferFit makes daily recommendations for each customer, seeking to maximize the success metric you chose. The AI learns from every customer interaction, and applies these insights to the next day's recommendations.


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OfferFit plugs into any modern marketing tech stack.

Selected examples, many others available.

Experimentation unleashed


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